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This is a test to see if I can do this.


How I got my name

I was found outside my couple’s church, named Holy Trinity in July 2010.  Several people were watching me climb a small tree in the front of the church.  As my couple walked out of church, everyone looked to them and told them they were the ones who should take me home, bc Ken, my owner is a vet and everyone knows  a vet can’t have too many pets.  They decided to name me after their church.  Ken decided I was about nine months old at that time, so they gave me the birthdate of October 22 2009, after their granddaughter Jenna’s birthday.   They took me to their house and the next day took me to their clinic where I was vaccinated, tested negative for worms (me??? worms??? e-e-ewww) and snip, snip, removed my female pieces parts.

One day when Ken was reading a Cat World magazine (his favorite reading material, I think) he discovered that I had the identical markings of a Turkish Van, including the mark of Allah on my left shoulder.  He also read that Turkish Van’s “breed true”, which means, had they allowed me to get it on with some cute male Turk, all of our kitties would also have the marks of the Van.  But no, they were in such a hurry to ensure that I made no further contribution to the unwanted cat population, I was spayed practically as soon as my feet touched the floor of my first real home.

You’re probably wondering how my owners knew I was a stray and not  the treasured pet of someone in the church neighborhood.  Well, Ken being a near retired vet and having seen a thing or two in his almost 40 years of practice, noticed that my white feet were very dirty.  I wasn’t able to keep up with keeping them clean.  This was bc I was on the street, so to speak, 24-7.

I have been cursed with this white coat and in the wild probably would have starved with time.  It’s difficult to blend in with the natural surroundings of our back yard.  I have discovered, though, that if I sit in the black mesh chair of the patio furniture, I become virtually invisible.  I almost caught a squirrel this morning as he ate sunflower seeds that the messy birds  scattered out of the feeder.

Ok, you say, that explains a lot, but Trinerty???  Oh, that’s easy.  Ken and Marilyn’s oldest grandson, who was three at the time I was adopted had a hard time pronouncing Trinity and kept wanting to put an “r” in there somewhere, so, it stuck and Trinity became Trinerty, but just between you and me and the scratching post, most of the time they call me Panda because my markings are so reminiscent of that ________ munching Chinese fat bear.


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